Soul House Sweets Artisan Chocolate

Kerri Bauer is the woman behind every chocolate at Soul House Sweets. Her love of chocolate runs deep, and she curates every piece of chocolate with her heart and soul.

Her business began when she opened Crepe and Shake Cafe in the heart of Beaumont, at her own historic home. It has evolved into the artisan chocolate shop it is today. Now, instead of making all kinds dishes, she just does what she does best… makes chocolate!

Kerri works with local businesses to source the perfect ingredients for the chocolate ganache fillings of her “Beau-Bons”. She has seasonally available collections of alcohol infused chocolates from Rig Hand Distillery, and tea infused chocolates from Vintage Fork.

Kerri believes chocolate is an important part of life. Her chocolate is made with finest ingredients so that you can indulge in them anytime without guilt, and feel great after you finish them.

3 Reasons to Love Chocolate

Chocolate is both a mood booster and a stress reducer.
It’s powerful antioxidants are proven to protect your heart.
Chocolate is a wholesome food that decadently nourishes your soul.
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